Hyundai of Slidell

Piece of advice, shop any Hyundai dealership other than Slidell.

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I would NEVER recommend Hyundai of Slidell…EVER!  When I purchased my car there, everyone was nice the salesman, finance…everyone.  I also purchased a bumper to bumper warranty for my car.  I had a problem with my Elantra and took it in several times only to be made to feel stupid each time b/c it “wasn’t acting up with them”.  I drive to NO for work every day and some days not knowing if I would make it b/c my car would shake and sputter.  When I told them, what was going on I was told “there’s an 800 number on the passenger side back window, call them if you break down, and they can tow it then we can see what is wrong with it”.  I ended up having a local parts store run a test and took that paper to them for them to finally “fix” it.  Well it still doesn’t run 100% and was then told that was actually covered through the manufacturer warranty not Hyundai. Then I just had a recent trip and, on the way, home the screws fell out of the bottom of the engine shield and the shield came off on the interstate in AL.  When I got home my husband called and asked if they would fix the shield since I paid for a bumper to bumper warranty and was rudely told it wasn’t their fault, it was the fault of whoever changed my oil.  Well come to find out I went to the place that changes my oil, and they don’t even remove that part to change the oil. Once again, not wanting to honour the warranty that I paid for.  On top of it all, when my husband was told they wouldn’t fix the shield, he then asked what they charge to replace it.  She wouldn’t even give us that information.  We were willing to pay out-of-pocket and couldn’t even get a price.  I love my car and understand things happen, but I am to a point of getting rid of it just, so I don’t have to deal with these people.  If you go there don’t purchase the extended warranty unless you are willing to take it another dealership for service and fingers crossed you NEVER have to deal with the service department especially the lady that works back there.  She has the WORST customer service skills I have ever seen. Piece of advice, shop any Hyundai dealership other than Slidell.

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