Suburban Hyundai

I was treated like they were doing me a favor by showing me the car.

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I wanted to buy a Hyundai and got to know about this company from my friend. I fixed an appointment and went there to see some of models as necessary information was not available on the website about cars. As I went to company no staff members attend me neither I got any help from reception as receptionist was busy over call and I’m sure that was not necessary or professional call. Other staff members were not attentive at all and were busy within themselves in not so important things. While I waited for an hour to meet the owner or sales person but they were not in office and I had to reschedule my appointment to next day.


On my second visit I directly met the sales person after waiting for half an hour and sales person was somewhat puzzled and confused. Sales person did not know much about cars neither has necessary information. Sales person was also a bit furious and was working in hassle. He did not even paid attention to my needs and preferences but was forcing me to buy a model which was costly or not in my budget. In addition, the financial or leasing facility of the company is also not worthy as it has some unnecessary clause.


The office was also in a bad condition and not at all clean. While even after waiting for a week I did not get any response from the company and end up with not getting a car. They did not reply to calls and email neither they contact later.  They pay more emphasis on selling high priced car and ignore the interest and preferences of customer along with their budget. Their services are unethical and they did not have any knowledge about cars neither they have much models as they sell limited models of Hyundai only which restricted my choice and also not in my budget.

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