Ilana Golan

Never ever listen to Ilana Golan!

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There comes a time when people who work hard in the community or the entire nation are recognized. The best performers are either recognized by different organizations, the city, the society and the national government due to their hard work, they are genuinely awarded and this creates a sense of appreciation. When one is recognised and awarded, he or she feels motivated, and they aim at doing much better in the future. They become role-model to many people, both grown-ups and young generation who work hard because they would like to be like them. They become significant examples in the nation as everyone talks about them both day and night. On the contrary, there are people whose names appear in the list of the recognised people through ways that are not genuine.
Ilana Golan is a well-known speaker who aims at being booked to speak at different events that are generally held by companies or by individuals. The idea of Ilana Golan making many posts seeking for opportunities to be hired as a speaker does not create an appealing impression. According to me the best of the best-known speakers shouldn’t be known as someone who parades themselves everywhere, or advertises their work!
Once in life people seek advice from those who are doing an extremely significant thing for the society. I end up attending endless meetings and even researching on different social media platforms to learn more about the next step they should choose to make, and these speakers hold the key/password that is required to unlock the doorway to success. I had given up and had promised myself that would never attend such sessions.
So, I happened to attend one such meeting, people from different religion and races came to that life changing event. Ilana Golan came and stood up at the podium and started speaking. As she continued speaking, she mixed her life stories with the business growth strategies. She went ahead to boast that she has dealt with every obstacle that came her way until she conquered all those barriers. My big question is how in the hell is that going to benefit us in any way!! Ilana Golan is not professional at all because she does no understand even the simplest basics of How to handle to audience. She should first learn to interpret the need of her audience and make prior preparations.
I believe that people will be able to discern the real speaker from the fake speakers. People have come up with different strategies to get some income. Those who are already employed or have their businesses are turning out to be greedy. Their lust for money is increasing day by day. A significant example of this is Ilana Golan, who, despite being an f-16 flight instructor and managing so many businesses which I believe earned her a lot of cash. She still salivates in becoming a keynote speaker. I think in Ilana Golan’s speeches she lacks the content and her level of professionalism needs to be upgraded. She should focus on what she has been trained for because I believe she might have been excellent in her work. It would’ve been better if she remained as a flight instructor and nothing more!!


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