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high possibility of your money getting lost without any visible results.

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I do not know how to express my disappointment that I faced while engaging with this organization. About 4 months ago, I wanted to have some online digital marketing to be done for my business and I came across Increase Your Profits on the internet. Now they have various packages and offer various types of help such as web design and web development, reputation marketing, sales funnels marketing and search engine optimization. Since I did not have much of an experience in this field of digital marketing, I started off with search engine optimization for my already existing website.
Two weeks had passed and there was still no significant increase in the website traffic for me. But the organization had already taken money from me. This kind of service was not expected from a reputed company like Increase Your Profits. But I was still not convinced that they were just making a fool out of me and went on to bring in some customizations in my existing website with the help of them that is, I went on to try their package on web design and web development. You would not believe but within a week my website just crashed! I was so morose and heartbroken. To make false promises to gullible customers and taking money from them only to dupe them in the end is an illegal act and they should be punished. However when I went to them with the problems that I was facing after taking their “help” to “increase my profits”, I only faced abusive remarks from them and their refusal of help.
I strongly recommend that none of you should engage in any business with Increase Your Profits and you should do your prior research before investing your money with them as there will remain a high possibility of your money getting lost without any visible results.

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