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I don’t know how many they have ripped off like this before

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This is one of the most dentistry clinics that I had come across in my life. I had missed my dentist’s appointment for a number of time given my hectic work schedule so when I finally got a chance to get away for a few days to Greenly, CO, to visit my cousin who had just had a baby, I decided to get my checkup there and contacted Integrated Dental Arts. While there was no trouble getting the appointment at +1 970-281-5972, the trouble started after we reached there. I had to wait a good 45 mins before I was called in and every time I wanted to know from the receptionist how long is it going to be, she simply replied with vague responses. I would have left, except for the fact that I had already paid for the appointment. When I was finally called in, I was made to lie down and the clamps they used to keep my mouth open felt really uncomfortable. As far as I know, there was nothing wrong with my teeth, but the dentist kept insisting there was an anomaly in my molars and see should see a cavity, and she wanted to fix it right away! I insisted that I would like to get a second opinion and got out of there. Once I was back, I went to visit my dentist as usual and he told me there was nothing wrong with my molars. Looks like they were just trying to rip me off in Greenly with an unnecessary procedure. I don’t know how many they have ripped off like this before. I never got good vibes from the place as soon as I had entered and I will be sure to tell anyone I know in Greenly not to visit them

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