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they not liable for their staff's error ? is it a scam then?

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Located in Boston these insurance providers are the one because of whom today I face such a big loss. They took my money for days and when in need I went to claim my money all I get to hear was Sir your account doesn’t exist with us. When I asked them which account they were talking about I got to know that they were talking about the recipients premium which was to be received by them from time to time. I knew I paid and I showed them my cheque but what they showed me was not acceptable. They showed me that there was this one employee who used to work for them and not been removed because he played fraud games with many and therefore they had to remove him. On being asked what about mine insurance for
The business they said Sir we can’t provide you with same because we are not liable for mistakes of people working with us.
I was really frustrated and was in a dilemma is what to do next. I was just nothing more than what can be called as a broken person as on the date that too without insurance. Had no idea how to start and thinking this I came out from their office. Just walked a few steps ahead and found my agent right in front of me. He walked in without noticing me standing there. I went ahead following him and saw that the same receptionist who failed to recognise his name now was laughing and talking to him. He was just so happy and I kept there standing. What a cheat seriously what a cheat I thought and walked out. I even made a few complaints against them. Hoping to get some help. But until then I won’t recommend these guys to anyone will rate them in negative.

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