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The number of patients Iroquois Dental has cheated is beyond count

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Iroquois Dentistry is the revolving door to inexperienced dentists. We are either fired because we cannot meet their revenue quota, or we leave not being able to stand their unethical practices. I quit working for Iroquois dentistry because I could not put up with their unethical practices towards patients.
They operate a high pressure territory where the doctors are forced to get the highest quota of treatment from their patients. To do that we need to recommend far more than what the patient actually needs. For example, If a patient needs a simple filling, we need to say that they need a root canal and crowns. The crowns will be rushed without paying any attention whatsoever to the professional dental procedure. Important things such as bite balancing, properly sealing the crowns etc are disregarded.
No one in the faculty is properly trained to perform some advanced procedures like big implant cases, but that does not stop them from performing them anyway. They actually perform procedures in the mouth without or hardly any training. And what does that result in? Patients start facing all sorts of problems within a year, sometimes much less than that.
And then they have to come back and spend a lot more money even though they had already spent so much earlier.
This is unethical. This is wrong. I feel bad for all the patients who are lured in by all the great reviews and their charming manners in Iroquois. This false advertising results in patients spending alot of money to get nothing in return, or worse, inviting much more problems.
The number of patients Iroquois Dental has cheated is beyond count. All I can stay is, stay away from Iroquois Dentistry. I’d you have teeth problems, you can get good dentists for half the price. Iroquois will only add to your troubles.

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