Charge differently for the same thing from different clients. SCAM !!

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You might have heard this name if live in San Antrino but you might not know what they are offering and how they are grabbing bucks from people. You think a massage parlour opened few years ago is now the most luxurious and beautiful and heavenly like place in the city; how is that possible as they hardly have people around them to be serviced. From my friends and families, I got to know that when they went there first, they were charged nominal fees but when I went there, they charged me 30 times more than them as I went there with my Bugatti and wearing Rolex watch with iPhone. They got to know that I’m belonging to a well standard family but my friends where been there with formal dress. Then I know how they are cheating people.

But the real shit happens when I listened the charge of different services. My mother had a neck massage from them but was charged 25$ only where as they are charging me 150$ for this. And when I asked them on the price difference, they told me that this is due to the oil and expert they are using are rare. If these are rare then why you are not asking other people regarding this. You are charging this only to rich looking people. How cheap you are. And th e confidence they are showing is also a venom for customers. They are cheating people with full of arrogance and attitude. And when I did all the things, I wanted to they offer me a 100$ of Bath featuring a helper with free washing. But here also they charged 10 times more than the actual price. Its hardly a expanses of 10-20$. How fucking idiots, they are. Such a horrible experience I had.

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