John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

I never recommend anyone to show up to this showroom.

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They broke part of my Jeep the last time they worked on it, claimed there was no documentation of me speaking with anyone about it because that person no longer worked there. Also, claimed to not find the package I bought with my Jeep that included a certain amount of free oil changes. Then never bothered to call me back about this when they promised they would. I will never go back here and will never recommend this dealership to anyone.

Unless they got kinks out I would not trust if they are out of state. Mr Humphrys lied to me multiple times about fixing the problem, promised to call me once issue was resolved. Promised by one of the managers that it was being taken care of. Promised by someone else there that they were resolving the issue then days go by and find out that person quit or got fired and nothing was done. Luckily someone from the other dealers was filing in who knew what they were doing. And once John Amato got involved it was solved quickly but not after hours on the phone and over a dozen emails. Never an explanation or concern from anyone at the Jeep dealer. I couldn’t get my jeep registered in my state for 7-8 months. Only thing they knew how to do was give me temp plates 3 times. How would you feel driving around with temp plates for that long in a small town always looking in rear view hoping a cop wouldn’t pull you over because your story of driving with temp plates for more than a half a year would be unbelievable. Not a bit of compensation for my time and anxiety of feeling like my new vehicle wasn’t even mine because it wasn’t even registered in my name.

I never recommend anyone to show up to this showroom.

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