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Do not be fooled by the pretty smiles, excellent reviews and behavior

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Do not be fooled by the pretty smiles, excellent reviews and behavior of this place. My colleague almost lost sensation in their legs due to this doctor’s negligence and incompetence. My colleague suffered from cadmium poisoning and he was also diagnosed with liver cancer. This doctor suggested that he must have a liver transplant prior to his cadmium poisoning surgery. He agreed and luckily got a transplant done in six months. When he returned to this center they criticized his condition. He still went in for the surgery. The doctor took a long time in the operation theatre endangering his life even further. When he was brought out and tested, they found that he was slowly losing sensation in his limbs. It was creeping upwards. His family panicked. The center and the doctor kept assuring them that it was a side effect of so many medicines. They even went to the extent of blaming the doctor who had done his liver transplant. The behavior was very bad. He finally went in a second opinion in another center when his so-called side effects were not going away. That doctor helped him and told that the surgery was not done properly. A vein was not properly placed. So, it was blocking an artery. I would recommend you to never visit this doctor.
My grandfather went to this doctor to get his knee fixed. He ended up with a lot more pain later on. The doctor urged him to go for a knee re-placement surgery in his old age. He never recovered from the knee setting. The pain that was supposed to go away is only becoming worst with each passing day. Other doctors from other clinics are now saying that the knee re-placement should not have been done. We are still very worried about his deteriorating health every day. Do not ever visit this clinic. We are still suffering the consequences.

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