John W. Harre, DDS, PC

Costly and dentist is too cold n rude with patients

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The very first problem we faced with this office was waiting period.We had to wait for a long time before they called us in for my mother’s dental check up.She was suffering from extreme tooth ache for a long time and it took about a week’s time to get hold of their appointment and then when we reached there, we had to wait for more than an hour to see the dentist.Then we were given a date when the surgery was to be performed andthat day also we had to wait more than 1 hour before the treatment started.The place is quite costly as they charge about 10 to 20% more than other dentist offices.Consultation is also not that great because the dentist only checked my mother for five minutes. She is more interested in chatting with the patients than treating them. After the tooth was uprooted my mom felt the pain and she was not given any painkiller whatsoever. She suffered from the pain for about 3 to 4 days which was really annoying for her because she got rid of the tooth for the same reason.
This is a goodoption for the money you pay but the major problem is the waiting time.If you are in extreme pain you have to patiently wait for your turn as something keeps them busy…I say something because shesees patient for a very short time and between the two patients’ turn there is a long gap for what reason I don’t know.Maybe she chats on the phone or takes break everytime. The waiting time gets annoying with the pain specially when you have elderly for children suffering from the problem.

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