Johnson Hyundai of Cary

Very unhappy with this place no customer relations.

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You won’t get honor test drive promotion, If you come for test drive so you have to fill form after that they will keep your form and say they’ll notify you but they won’t do that and if you ask their employees and managers that you haven’t got the response what they say that they may have misplaced it and for this, they don’t even apologize. So if they can’t even do such a thing and make this type of mistake then how can anyone trust them. This is extremely unprofessional work.

You are going to be very unhappy with this company they have no relation with customers. So if you visit them what will you found that the staff will say hello to you and after that will not talk to you for the next 30 mins or till the time you waste their instead of that they talk to girls/boys who worked their. So overall you are going to be unhappy with their behavior.

They will sell you the damaged vehicle most of the time. It will look all great but when you will drive it will break down and you have to visit there for repair and you’ll be stranded may be more than once.

As a customer here you have no importance, you have no and your time has no value. Due to which you won’t like to recommend anyone for this firm.

The service department here is very disappointing. They won’t show the expertise that you expect from this kind of company as they (mechanics) don’t have much knowledge about the issues working on your vehicle. If your vehicle has some internal issues and wishes to visit them then you’ll be going to be disappointed as even describing your problems to them they’ll say that there is no problem a will dismiss the whole issue. For this, you have to visit the local mechanic.

Give you unnecessary recommendations for service without inspecting all the issues. When you say that this issue may be get solved in the next service they won’t listen to you. If you tell them to inspect the vehicle they will say that this doesn’t need an inspection and they will not do any inspection instead of that they’ll give you advice. If any part has to be repaired they tell you to replace them and cost you high and will take you next hour in this process and also charge extra for which they called it labor charge. If you see local mechanic they’ll do as you tell them to do and don’t ask for an additional charge that is how you can save your money and time.

They won’t give the discount on the amount as they have shown their website and you’ll feel that they don’t want to help you to work out something. The worst thing is that they will tell you that you can take a test drive but when you reach there to have test drive then they’ll make an excuse that they don’t have the car and make you wait for hours.

So make choice not to deal with them they’ll only waste your time and money


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