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Visiting this clinic was the worst decision I ever made

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Most of us have a fear of visiting a dentist and for me, it got worse after my recent visit to Joy Dental Associates. I had severe pain in my tooth but had to wait about an hour extra before the doctor took me for my surgery as he had a bunch of patients to visit. It’s the worst dental clinic you can visit in Ridgewood. Their main focus is to establish a good relationship with you rather than providing their patients with the aid they need at the moment. I don’t know how the people have given such rating to them as the place is a  scam with inappropriate management. The treatment was way more expensive in accordance with the service provided by them. I just can’t recommend him to any of my family or friends. The pain I went through during my visit to the clinic is something I can never forget. I will suggest not to visit the doctor if you have an urgency or an intolerable pain. Those fancy interiors with fancy patient check-in and the sassy receptionist must not be something you must be concerned about but you should look after the obscenely overpriced service you provide which is not satisfactory. The management and the quality of your services must be in a bit more systematic manner. The doctor takes extra time with patients even though not required which causes a delay in the treatment of the other patients. You have been disrespectful of my time and even the pain I went through. I hope no other patient of yours faces this. Don’t scam your patients instead provide them with what they deserve. Visiting your clinic was the worst decision I ever made. I don’t want anyone to get affected like me and this posting of a review I hope the same will be helpful for you.

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