JT Mccormick

A con and a liar who uses his past for sympathy!

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Many people in this world are born and raised in very unbearable places, and this makes them feel like they do not belong there. Despite 100s of challenges, the people match forward, and they end up making in life. Nobody in this universe was born and failed to have difficulties because life is not a cake-walk. Mccormick is one of the people who have gone through a tough time during his childhood. Despite all the life changing challenges that surfaced him, he was not being limit by them. He is the president and CEO of one of the multi-million company.
Jt Mccormick lacks professionalism and the necessary knowledge about life. All this has contributed to by his low level of education. I would advice JT Mccormick to go back in school because unlike in the past he can now afford to pay his school fees. He requires being more educated so he can read more about how to conduct himself when he is even addressing people during his frequent conferences. He also terms himself as a motivational speaker who encourages people to not to give up when life is being harsh to them. On researching I found out that he wrote a book titled “I got there” in which he explains in details how he overcame the challenges in his life.
People like Mccormick are among the many people who won’t add any meaning to your life. The reason is JT Mccormick always makes the negative things that happened in his life outweigh the positive. The book I bought should not be even read because if you decide to read it you will be left with a lot of unanswered question, you will be in a state of confusion as well. He doesn’t have enough content to write in his book. If you research Mr. Mccormick you will find out that he is father to 4 kids. The confusion sets in when he says that he has 5 children and he even proceed to name them. My question to this is, is there a typing error!!! But sadly, it can’t be a typing error because 5th child’s name is mentioned.
I came to know that he is most cunning motivational speaker I ever came across, using illegal methods to get money. The book he wrote is a waste of TIME! For people who like reading… Jt Mccormick has a company called scribe media which deals with guiding writers on how to write the books and they publish the books. Let me tell you that the whole company is a scam because what they do is called boasting the content to lure-in the customers into buying the books and get the finances flowing. I fear the company also teaches people how to even steal other person’s creativity by copy pasting other person’s writings. He is not a genuine person and people have started noticing the wrong moves made by JT Mccormick and they are no longer interested in his tales! To know the truth, you can check the number of viewers on the clips he uploads on YouTube. The viewers are few!!!


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