Katherine T. Vo, D.D.S

I do not suggest the dentist to anyone, especially a child.

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I read about everything there is on Dr. Katie Vo because I wanted my kid to be in good hands. Dr. Katie has a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. She has completed her dental and orthodontic education and is honored with the Pierre Fauchard Certificate of Merit for outstanding and dedicated service to the dental profession. Dr. Vo also has a master’s degree in business administration.

On having researched all these about Dr. Katie VO and also some of my friends had recommended her very strongly, I had no reason stopping me from visiting her clinic. I took my child to the clinic. It was somewhat crowded that particular day. The reason was free consultation was being carried out in the clinic. I had to wait for a very long time with my child going impatient. Finally, when the turn came the dentist was not in a good mood, it seemed but still attended to us. Maybe after attending several patients, the dentist was tired. She deputed a junior or an assistant to attend my child. While inspecting, the dentist carelessly put a pointed instrument into the mouth of my kid that made an injury to the gum. Since the blood started coming out from the mouth the dentist had to attend to that. Without attending to the real problem, she attended to the injury and suggested for a visit after a week. Though our purpose of visiting the clinic was defeated we had to return with a new problem of course after paying the charges for taking care of the accidental wound. My kid had to eat liquid food for a couple of days.

After a week we visited the dentist. Though we had an appointment we had to wait for quite a long time. Dr. Katie VO was kind enough to attend my child this time. I had expected that she would apologize for the incident during our last visit. She was very mechanical in her act. Her degree in child psychology did not influence the treatment or style of attending a child. I had a feeling that any other dentist would have attended in a better way, especially with a child. My sole purpose in visiting this particular clinic was because the dentist is a child specialist and has fame in the field. She and her staff were very casual in their approach and I wondered why my friends recommended this particular dentist. The clinic is short of cleanliness. There is no proper system for patients and attendants to know their turn. The receptionist is with a duel role, another role is the helper. After the treatment, the patient has to search for the place to clean his/her mouth. The washroom is not maintained well or kept clean. In addition to all these, the dentist after treatment will make you wait for some more time to get the treatment slip. Furthermore, one needs to wait for the attendee cum receptionist to come and explain the further course. In my case, I had to wait further for the dentist as the receptionist could not explain. No doubt I will not recommend this clinic to anyone. I do not suggest the dentist, Dr. Katie, to anyone, especially a child.

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