Kelly roach

Kelly is both a con and a liar.

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Kelly roach tags herself as an analytical speaker who helps some small businesses grow and thrive among great companies. But after researched about her, I noticed that Kelly roach should never be termed as an analytical speaker by all possible means. Kelly is both a con and a liar. She even formulated a programme that takes fifty-two weeks for a successful formation. The programme is total crap because it is not realistic because according to her the person who makes the programme and implements will end up having a business whose income would be in 6, 7 figures. If this were applicable, everyone would have succeeded and made it in life within a year. I further disagree with this programme because it does not have capital to set up their business. Kelly Roach’s objective is to mislead innocent people and feel like a loser. She once said that those people who run small businesses always lie to themselves and they fail to give their families the lifestyle they deserve to have. But she should not forget that she also came from a background that struggled to even pay her school fees. By watching her videos, I found that very few people take interest in them because they know it is nothing but crap. It’s high time that even YouTube fraternity started revealing and rejecting such useless videos.
I have read two books written by Kelly Roach. They were the best selling of 2016. Those books did one thing effective, which was to benefit her financially and nothing else. She knew very well that different literate people will run to the libraries and bookshops to purchase those books. Kelly Roach has used such lascivious words to lure people into her hidden ways of earning money and by the time you realise that you are being fooled, it will be too late. The problem is that the damage is irreversible. Kelly Roach should understand that each individual has his or her own story that is full of difficulties and success. If everyone starts narrating their story then we would end up listening until eternity!! Kelly Roach should not, by any chance, be called a keynote speaker because she is not professional at all. If I revisit Roach’s statement that people who earn small businesses lie to themselves, I feel she should not be allowed even to address anybody. The reason why I feel bitter about her statement is that Kelly Roach is dream killer who doesn’t even bother to acknowledge other people efforts. In real life everyone begins from a humble beginning and they rise slowly until they reach the top. A person can’t start a small business and achieve everything that ever desired within a blink of an eye, not unless they steal. Kelly should be happy because those who own small businesses are responsible people who can provide for their families. Lastly, Kelly roach should come up with strategies that do favour not only those people who have already excelled in business but also those who are starting businesses. By doing so Kelly roach would help many people who live in low social classes, because they will not only grow their businesses but also will afford a better life. It would mark the start of eradicating poverty.

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