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behavior of both the doctors was highly insensible and inhumane.

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I have been a resident of Santa Barbara for quite some time now. And as all people do, I have a preferred everything. Up until a few days ago, I had a preferred dentist too, Kendall, Rhodes & Associates. From my dad’s root canal to my daughter’s braces, I went there for everything. So naturally a few days ago, when my mom felt a severe toothache, I took her there. Dr. Rhodes attended to us and did a checkup on my mom, which is when he informed us that my mom was in urgent need of removal of the sore tooth.
As agreed we fixed a date for the procedure. As per the appointment, we reached the clinic on 29th May, only to find that Dr. Rhodes wasn’t in and would not be in any time soon, as he had went out on a vacation. I was flabbergasted about what to do. We were in dire trouble, as my mom’s teeth was getting way worse and she couldn’t speak properly since the past 2-3 days.
Dr. Kendall, who was in at that time, agreed to perform the surgery. But after the surgery as my mom was wheeled out of the OT, we looked in horror as we saw the wrong tooth had been removed. A perfectly healthy right molar was removed from the upper jaw instead of the faulty one on the lower jaw. When we confronted the doctor about it, she was genuinely surprised and performed the surgery again to remove the diseased tooth.
When we later went to talk to the doctor, she behaved rudely and said that my mom had shown her the wrong tooth. I explained that my mom was exhibiting initial stages of dementia which is why I gave the diagnosis of Dr. Rhode to her. She was insistent that it was my mom’s fault which led my mom to break down in tears. This behavior of both the doctors was highly insensible and inhumane.
I have not returned to the clinic since the traumatic incident and I doubt I ever will. Everyone should know the kind of people these doctors at the clinic really are. For their own sake I urge everybody to stay away from this clinic where the doctors don’t have the slightest sense of responsibility.

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