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an inconsiderate and irresponsible Orthopaedic.

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I used to be a sports freak both my hobby and passion used to be soccer, but due to an injury and improper medical attention lead me to leave Sports forever. I was in my high school while I had an accident playing Soccer for my school team. Although I was treated then and there as one of my shoulder bone and leg bone had had a fracture. I had plasters done and recovered within a month but unfortunately, according to the local doctors, I can never play any sports ever again.
One of my friend’s mum recommended Kevin Denehy MD of Bluegrass Ortho in Kentucky, as he was one of the best Orthopaedic surgeons in Lexington. I was excited and had my hopes up that I will be able to play soccer again. After booking an appointment we visited the facility and tried contacting our doctor. The worst possible thing happened, according to the staff at the facility Dr. Kevin was on a trip and he will arrive the next day. We had to wait a full day to meet him in spite of being pre-booked. The second issue happened the next day while we went for the checkup our schedule was pushed to the evening even though we had our appointment booked prior to that day.
The whole procedure was just one disappointment after another, that checkup wasn’t as good as I expected. My hopes plunged downwards, he examined my bone structure and recommended some treatments including exercises and other medications. He also mentioned about staying at their facility and getting a thorough treatment of my body, but also said that I will never be able to play soccer. But unfortunately, the whole experience was so disappointing for me that I didn’t want to keep going on and wasting my parent’s money on such an inconsiderate and irresponsible Orthopaedic.
Although the experience didn’t do any physical harm to me due to that I lost all hope of playing Soccer ever again.

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