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There are unprofessional, rude, and racist employees

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Heavy prices for keys that might not even work. If you set an appointment with them, they are too understaffed to take up anything at all. They train staff on your vehicle, and the key will obviously have problems working if a kid under training is put to work. If you want to get your car Fob programmed, go elsewhere. They have no idea what they are doing. They don’t even know how to unsync from an old fob programmed the key to get a new one synced. They will blame it on you and your car. They will make you wait for hours when they are experimenting on the car and ultimately say there is an issue with the car.

Had been to keymex to get a key Fob and get the key copied. Staff were very unprofessional and rude. They just asked for my original key and started playing with it. No guarantee in work they do. After several hours of waiting, they gave me the copied key, but Fob programmed key just would not work. When I inquired about it the guy who worked on it was rude and said there was problem in the car and that it should be checked. I had to take another day off my work and go to get my car checked. The car had no problems at all. And I found out that the problem was in the new key. I had to again make time (had already lost three days’ worth salary at this point) and asked for money back as the key they made was faulty. They just did not compromise. The guy who had my key programmed got hammered off for no reason and started raising his voice and other staff joined in as if to show they were in this together. I left the place immediately feeling very unsafe and outnumbered. They did not have to behave in such unprofessional manner. All they had to do was accept they had no expertise in Fob programming a key. Why would a decent company refuse to pay when they realize the fault theirs? With no choice left I got it programmed elsewhere and at a much lesser price. And it is working great.

A colleague had the same view on keymex. His workplace had scheduled with them for office safe and locks. They had no better service provided. The locksmith did a bad job. They gave them tons of jobs to do and spent a fortune on them. But the job done was poor. Same keys could be used on many locks, and the locks were sticking out in some places. When they complained of it and asked for different keys to be provided, they were rudely asked to order for it again and that they will be charged for it all over again. The office was left in a messy condition too after the job. They were forced to ask him to clean up after his job. But the locksmith seemed annoyed and refused to do it. He seems to have told it was not his job. Keymex is not a place to be recommended for office work either

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