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These were the people who approached me with the idea of getting myself insured. I was totally out of head when they started explaining out things to me. Still, there were 2 things which I definitely understood by means of their words. First about the health insurance and the other one for the motor insurance. Mutual funds and all were other services which were offered but I was least interested in those and so finally I decided to get some family insurance and also motor insurance.
The procedures just covered me with lots and lots of paperwork and they didn’t even help me with that. All they said was do it sir do it. And what else can I do.? If I ignored they started calling. Their calls became my biggest nightmare and all wanted was to get free from the same. Thinking about the idea I went a step ahead and finally started to get the paperwork done
Okay but that was not it from their end. Once the insurance premium started crediting they started ignoring. I remember I called them once to know about my policy but all I was said is Sir we have no such policy received in your name. Shocked I contacted the agent and expectedly he didn’t receive my call. I was hating myself so bad for doing this. Trusting such fakes was my biggest mistake for sure.
I had a big loss but money isn’t the matter because everyone out there who is planning to trust these frauds needs to know what they exactly are up for. They shouldn’t be trusted and in case you want some insurance go directly to the office, get proper details, transfer the money through a bank and don’t allow the cash credited to agents pocket before they get to the company.

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