State Farm: Ryan Landry

lack of concentration or seriousness towards their work

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I wanted to had a life insurance policy accordingly I went to Ryan Landry as it has received great review on their website though I thought now all those are fake review as their services are horrible. Firstly, they did not provide any information on the internet and secondly, I had to face a bit difficulty to contact them as they did not respond for two days than suddenly, they call me and schedule my appointment. While in spite of appointment they made me wait for maybe half an hour or more and eventually I met Ryan. During waiting no staff members greet or assist me which was disappointed. The staff did not even explain me anything about the life insurance policy even after asking them they gave me a glance. Additionally, the receptionist was not there and when receptionist came, she got busy in giving words over call. This shows their irresponsible behaviour and lack of concentration or seriousness towards their work.

While Ryan and his team are somewhat cooperative and were helping throughout the process but they did not explain me all the clauses which were included in the policy. Even the process of completing the process or paper work was complex and troublesome. Though I was satisfied with the clauses of the policy and they denied to make changes and also their interest rate is also lower than other companies. Then they called me consistently for a month without even realising the time and also after plainly explanation of my conditions which was annoying. Then on my final meeting with them they were talked to me in a rude manner and was not at the all listening to me and I backed out. Their office is more like a showroom but has nothing to with quality of service as they are unprofessional and they have customer grievances services but has unnecessary clauses

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