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The worst service experience for me for sure

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The dental system of medicine truly helps for people who face problems but what is the use of such service when precaution can be maintained from beforehand and even if not why go for some extra checkups just because our dentist feels so.? I don’t understand how an average income earning people like us can afford their service on today’s date.

As I entered I saw a board which shows connecting oral health to total health. How can dental health be connected to other parts our body was my first question which arose. The person at reception guided us in and we were taken to such a friendly environment which made me confuse whether I was there for a checkup or for some sort of silent treatment.

A sad looking person approached us with that fake smile on his face. well, is this what is called us positivity.? Or the words are just meant to take the clients and offer them services at increased rate.?

Oswego dentist is what they call something in medical terms which was meant to treat me. I was not aware of anything and all I could do was wait for a clear explanation which was totally missing for sure. Roots cause to be treated was all that I heard from the dentist and they didn’t even try comforting me before they started. The worst service experience for me for sure and I planned in head that I wasn’t visiting them again.

In the name of modern care, there were no techniques and only machines all around. The doctors have no role to play therein, after all, everything was done by the machines. What were we paying for.? For the machines or the doctors.? Well in my suggestion go for a doctor and for that even if traditional, go and visit them, please.

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