Lauren Brenneman State Farm Insurance Agency

This was the worst place to go

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This company claims to sell materials at a very low cost but the fact of the matter is that the products they sell are pathetic and are not up to the standard quality, in fact, it is better to go to 2nd hand store to purchase goods rather than buying goods at Antique Tile, Pavers & Landscape Supply LLC. They market their products in a way that they appeal to the right age group but all they do is fake advertising. Moreover, the customer service they provide is just pathetic, the staff is not at all ready to listen to your problems. They just want to do their job and go home, these employees do not have any sort of motivation to do a little extra. In case you want to contact their supervisor, your request is instantly denied and your problems would remain unsolved forever. To be honest it would be best to stay away from this company and buy products from other reliable sources having good customer service and good quality. Unlike this company, there the customer would be treated with respect and he or she will be valued there. If you are a customer who has earned his or her money through those long working hours, then don’t waste that on useless things like this. When you are buying something make sure to research about it and with the proper information you would get to know that Antique Tile, Pavers & Landscape Supply LLC is just a sure shot way to dump your money in a garbage bin. They have a strategy by which they corner their customers in the name of availability of the material and make them buy the goods, this is an old tactic but in this way, the business is not done in good faith.

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