Law Office of Carol Bertsch

All they want is money by hook or crook

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Law Office of Carol Bertsch is a law consultation firm in San Antonio.

I would request you all not to visit this place. It is terrible. You are going to get nothing here other than the bad and awful services, careless and atrocious behaviour and no sense of responsibility among the staff members. I mean, how could they establish a law consultation firm when they don’t want to take any further action and enquiry, etc. Such a firm must be shut down because it is of no worth. What’s the point of running a business where they can’t accomplish their duties and tasks properly? Though the place is very well organized and structured but does it matter? If they can’t fulfil the purpose for which the firm has established, then what’s the point of maintaining it well?

Three months ago, I purchased one product that was actually unsafe for the health and it happened to me. As I was unaware of it, I used the product and I suddenly got itching and other problem and later it had affected me immensely that I am not suffering from a disease. So, I decided to file a suit against that company. For it, I preferred this company as it had a profound name. But little did I know that they would trick me. I went to the place in order to seek the appointment but the receptionist was so weirding and audacious. She was not even talking properly to me. whenever I was asking something to her, she was gazing at me weirdly as if I was disturbing her. If she can’t communicate properly, then why was she doing this job? Pathetic! However, I got an appointment and she asked me to wait for a while. But she made me wait for about forty minutes. Soo long!! Then, I met a lawyer. Initially, he was quite good, he welcomed me warmly and asked me about my problem. I explain everything in detail. He was so friendly and good to me at that moment that I immediately decided to consult him only. He had a strong convincing power. But soon, I got to know their trick. Their fee was so high. For every meeting, he used to charge me. Pathetic!! The worst thing was that they used to raise their fees on a daily basis. How could one survive after paying their daily fee? Though, most of the time I used to call him to know about what steps he was taking and would take in the future. But later, he stopped picking up my call and I had to visit him personally there. It was one of their tricks. Every single day he used to assure me that yes has gathered some strong evidence enough to defend my side. But he lied to me and later we lost the case.

Never visit this place. All they want is money by hook or crook. They would first attract you towards them and then would charge you exorbitantly high. Don’t waste your time and money here. It’s better to consult some other lawyer

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