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Too unprofessional and no consideration towards clients

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It was last day of the year, and I had gone for a party at my friend’s place. I had decided not to drink as I had to drive back home. But, during the party some of my friends had accidentally poured liquor on including me. After I took leave from them, I did not change as I did not have spare clothes. I had to travel a long distance. On the way while driving home I found some crowd on the side of a road and road was blocked. I stopped my vehicle and walked over to the crowd. To our shock a speeding car hit two cars including mine and sped away. We called for police. No major casualties had happened. But among two cars hit, it was looking as if my car had hit the other one. High way police on seeing the position of vehicles concluded that my car has hit the other one. On finding heavy smell of liquor emanating from my clothes they booked a case of drunken driving. Since it was New Year day and they had many more cases to attend. No medical check was carried out to prove the influence of liquor on me.

Very next day police summoned me to the station. I rushed to them accompanied by a lawyer. The police wanted to arrest me and produce to the magistrate of justice. But my lawyer pleaded with them for time to produce bail from the court. Due to rush of New Year cases or may be due to my clear record, the request was considered. My lawyer friend suggested to approach Law offices of Gary Churak, P.C to fight the case. I approached them the same day evening at their office. They welcomed me as if I was anticipated. I told them everything minutely and questioned them whether I will be helped to be free from this created criminal case of drunken driving. They promised me that I need not worry at all and they have attended plenty of such cases and saved their clients. I requested them further to arrange for the bail immediately and paid them in advance amount of all the legal charges.

A week later, early morning I received a call from the police about the case. I immediately called Law Offices and asked what had happened. They seemed to have forgotten to take any action on my case. They had promised the case was simple as no alcohol examination was done. But they had completely ignored the date and taken it easy. I was taken for questioning and was too worried of what will happen. I asked my lawyer friend to retake my case as Law Offices had deserted me. Fortunately, he came to my rescue. Do not trust Law Offices of Gary Churak. They take money and forget all about you.

It has been two weeks now, and I still have to visit them to ask for my money back. Too unprofessional and no consideration towards clients. All smooth talk is only until you pay.

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