Leon Valley Cafe

Sat down and no one ever waited on me or even acknowledged I was there

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Due to its profound name, I thought to visit this place with my best friend. When we visited this place, at first we had to wait sometimes. As this place has less capacity and all the tables were full. Though we were completely fine with that. But the disappointing thing was when one table vacated and we were about to sit there, one of their waiters came and he allowed another couple to sit there. It was pathetic!! We had been waiting there for about thirty minutes and they offered the seat to someone else. After waiting for another half an hour, we got another seat. I asked them for a menu, but none of them were much concerned for us. So, I went to them and brought a menu. After deciding the menu, I called somebody to take our order but none of them came to us. They were busy dealing with other customers. We were small in age and that’s why they were ignoring us. Later, one waiter came to me and I gave him our order but then it took approximately one and a half an hour to serve us. They were soo busy with other customers that they didn’t mind our presence. It was soo bad on their part. I don’t think so, that they should have discriminated between their customers depending upon their age. There was no such point for doing soo. The worst thing was when they served us the food. The food tasted terribly bad. It was soo cold, full of oil and spices. It had no taste at all. They didn’t even bring us what he had ordered. One or two things were not the same as we had asked them. It’s pitiable.  Just because we didn’t feel liked to waste it, so we ate it but it was not something which could be eaten. I had never tasted such bad food ever. Later, when it was the time for payment, they even charged us more. There was a disparity between the price as quoted in the menu and their bill. Just because we were small in age, they were trying to befool us. I had a debate with them and paid the amount as per the menu.

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