Lolly Daskal

her leadership archetypes are random and meaningless

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Famous for categorising good behaviours and bad behaviours, then telling the most obvious: don’t repeat the bad behaviour!!
Same as someone telling a depressed person not be depressed anymore, same as telling a person who is worried to not to worry anymore… Is that even a Solution! Or just a Statement.
She launched a book “Leadership Gap”. I read that book recently and I feel it’s a waste of time. In order to be a leader, you don’t have to be led at first place. Leadership comes from within when you are determined that you are responsible for everything that you do in your life. No other person except you can tell you how to become a leader in your life and can pave ways for you!!
Being a leadership preacher doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like irrespective of people’s choices and aspiration, whom they are leading! Leaders like Lolly Daskal once they earn fame and wealth, they start following corruption, which is a loophole in many democratic countries. By earning money, they very well know that they should be paying for numerous posters flashing their good qualities all over and not the negative ones, to win the hearts of the people. Why will the people who are being leaded support the negative leaders!! This is because many people believe in the false preaching that the one who has money is the one to be close with and above all it is your behaviour that defines your character and personality…

her contents are run-of-the-mill and her leadership archetypes are random and meaningless

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