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I had an accident last week in which my car got damaged and I wanted to get my car fixed soon. I went to Hillin’s auto repair of which I heard from my friend. I made a visit there, got an appointment but even after appointment they made me wait for couple of hours. Finally, they called my name. I met Mike and found him knowledgeable and intelligent. He even has proper information about every part of cars but his staff was worse, they were ignorant and rude. The staff did not even take the instructions. They were too busy in chit chat, they had nothing to do with the customers.

Well, I would have nothing to do with staff but what I was concerned about was my car because I wanted it soon. Mike examined my car and told me that it would take some time to fix it. I asked him to fix this problem soon as I had to leave for a meeting. He even gave me his words to fix it soon but when the time of delivery came, my car was not fixed. Even its front mirror was broken. I complaint them about this but they did not agree on a fact that it was their mistake and were consistently asking me to make payment which I eventually made.

While enquiring, Mike gave was the witless and erroneous reasons which I found unethical and irresponsible as glass of my car was broken. Not only this I actually had to stand for hours to get my work done which they completed in 5 hours as they did not offer me a chair to sit and they were taking numerous breaks during the work. After the work was done, some of my car parts were missing and my experience became worse as they had paid me for the missing parts of my car. Lastly, they completed the work but I had to make payment for the broken as they were arguing that it was not broken by them. Their services are worse as after some time the petrol tank of my car started leaking.

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