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the result was a total disappointment.

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I met with an accident about 6 months ago and lost four of my frontal teeth in that disaster. After a full recovery, my Orthopedic suggested Lori Logan DDS for dental implants. I searched and found out that Lori Logan is a popular dental facility providing high-end service to their patients. I was so impressed by their success rate and review stories that I immediately booked an appointment for that week. But my excitement didn’t last long and the result was a total disappointment.
The appointment went smoothly, and similar for the checkup they scheduled my surgery on Saturday that week. I had to go through some tests before the procedure and the results were positive. My surgery was performed in the morning and under local anesthesia. It wasn’t that much of a lengthy procedure the whole thing was over within in 2 to 3 hours. After my anesthesia wears off I want to see my results but I was shocked out of my bones after looking at the outcome. The teeth they placed at the empty spaces were too big and unnaturally bright than the other teeth. I couldn’t close my mouth due to these deformed teeth, I almost looked like a rabbit. I started crying seeing the results and requested them to redo it but they refused to say that it’s not possible right now as the implants needed to heal before they can do any other work.
My accident was one thing and it already broke me but this thing broke my self-confidence. I was so insecure that I didn’t even get out of my house for a month until my implants healed. After that with the help of a different dental surgeon I had another Restorative Dentistry done. They also mentioned that the implants were improperly placed and could have caused serious problems to my teeth if I would have reached them any later. This issue was not only physical but emotionally draining for me. I will never recommend Lori Logan DDS ever to anyone, not even my enemies.

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