Lowitz, Meier and Cronley

stay away from this clinic and prevent others from visiting them

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Two months ago, my brother who is eleven years old, fell from the stairs and injured his lower jaw. Apparently some teeth on the jaw were hurting him and maybe needed to be taken out. I took him to this clinic who had been serving in Cincinnati for nearly thirty years. To my surprise, they did not even do an x-ray of his jaw! Neither did they book any appointment with any doctor. They immediately said that it needed to be operated. However I insisted on seeing a doctor at first and finally they gave me an appointment.
The doctor did not take proper care of the grieving child and started tampering with the wound very cruelly. My brother was literally crying out loud but the doctor did not pay any heed to his grief. Then he said the same thing that he needed to be operated. So I decided to admit him there. Then I faced another big disappointment. Instead of solving the problem, the teeth of my brother was covered with numerous caps made up of stainless steel. Such a treatment was totally unnecessary and it caused my brother even more pain. He was not even put on local anesthesia. They took a lot of money from us and all we got were just misbehavior and mistreatment. They were not at all ashamed of their faulty services but also blamed us for not cooperating with them.
I took my brother to another local dentist who was much more skillful than the renowned doctors of Lowitz & Meier and was able to cure my little brother who had suffered so much by then! Shame on such proclaimed institutions who only know how to extract money from their helpless customers without providing proper treatment to them which they truly deserve. Just stay away from this clinic and prevent others from visiting them.

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