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Instructors and coaches have anger issues

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Instructors and coaches here are having anger issues most of the time. That should not be in martial arts and this issue is major as in martial arts good coach will teach you discipline and to respect others. Supervising emotions are part of their practice but here you don’t go to see any of it. If a coach is having anger issues then what will he teach to the student is anger and this will result in fights of their students in streets and schools and no parents want their children to get involved in any kind of fight or dispute. Martial art is for once self-defence and to maintain, discipline even protects others, that’s how a good martial artist teaches their students to be but here the whole story is upside down. Students are getting wrong practices. Martial Arts should not be used on the streets. So, you need to get aware of these things before you go there.

Children are just like an empty cup and needed to fill with good quality but if you gave them wrong training and show your anger in front of them, they will learn that and they’ll show it on others or to their family. these instructors are impatient with young children. Every child has a different capability and you want them all to learn on your speed or train as hard as you then you’ll only getting angry and making students demotivated that they can’t do it. Due to which they actually drop their performance. Then the instructor here will be angry because of their performance. Another thing is that the instructor here fights outside with others over a parking spot and other small issues as reported by the civilians. This shows how much anger he shows to others in public. This will dose a bad impact on the students and no one wants to send their children to get train by such an instructor who even can’t control his anger what will he teach to his students about anger, discipline and to protect others.

The instructor won’t treat you with dignity and respect. After a few days in there, you will also notice that you are in a cage where you are getting forced to do things as the environment built there by the instructor is not enjoyable. Making the environment enjoyable makes the student learn more quickly but here it seems that they only do the formality that you come to the studio and they teach you just like a boring classroom. If it goes on then how the student will engage with the training will quit and will feel that you have wasted your money and time.

They won’t train you something new to keep the children engage instead of that they just tell you the same thing to do as you do daily.

So, if you want to get training in martial art then find someone who is disciplined and professional and can teach you well about discipline and self-defence

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