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would not recommend anyone to buy Mark Lobliner's coaching services,

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Marc Lobliner is also known as the “machine&quote; wonder what made the people wantto call him that? The man worked soo much on machines that they ended upcalling him amachine. I guess this is what happens when people get along withmachines more than theyget along with people. On researching about MarcLobliner, it was noted that he is an entrepreneur and owns his own supplementand clothing store alongside many other companies. Well, it was not a surprisewhen we actually got to know that the man owns his own clothing andsupplement stores, how else would a man his size gets clothes otherwise?I joined the gym about eight months ago. I was so sick with full body shaming and bullying that I had to go every day. Being a chubby college kid is not something that gives you confidence or self-confidence. Well, I trained like a beast for a few weeks and lost 8 lbs. I was on top of the world when I stepped on the scale, but my bad luck knocked me down after I went down the stairs and broke my elbow. I was hospitalized for three days, but was not allowed to do manual labour for the next 3 weeks.I’ll be honest, I ate all kinds of crazy foods at the time and I gained 10 lbs. I had my first day at the gym and my progress was negative. So, to make things right, I decided to hire a personal trainer. I have 2 trainers in my gym, but they are both very dumb and I know that if I put them to work, my money is wasted. I searched online and learned about the Tiger Witness. This is a YouTube channel run by Mark Logline. That guy has the exact body I want to get. After watching some of their videos, I purchased a 4-week coaching package from their website.The personal trainer will train you through at least a few workouts to get the form, however, during these 4 weeks, Mark has never given a direct response. One thing he says is, ”Gain weight and push yourself.” Watts is out. I rolled my knee at the end of 3 weeks. I mentioned this to Mark during the conversation, but he completely ignored it. I went to a local physiotherapist and told him that I had a severe case of patellar tendonitis and that I was not allowed to perform a knee flexion such as squats, leg extensions and sarcomas. When she answered (10 weeks) she asked me how long I had chosen, she was shocked. Clearly, patellar tendonitis is a major injury and does not occur by accident. By this time, I had realized that I had made a mistake by trusting Mark and wasting my money on him.I didn’t give a refund because I knew they would give one. People like Mark are abusing their reputation and power to give people money. She is very careless and shows her carelessness during the call. I certainly would not recommend anyone to buy Mark Lobliner’s coaching services, which is pretty pathetic.I learned about Mark from his YouTube channel and I am sure that 99% of his customers will know about him from there. Mark puts some good content on YouTube, but mostly copies from other smaller channels. I don’t care if he is immoral and steals things from other creators, but cheating on teens and college students to buy his extra supplements is a different matter. He sells his whey protein supplement with a ”fat burner”. A simple Google search will tell you that these two supplements are unnecessary. Although whey protein is beneficial for some people, the ”fat burner” is completely useless. I find it quite fascinating that he is openly manipulative and shuns young gym goers. If you visit reputable websites, you will understand that you need calories to burn fat (eat less). And being a “bodybuilding expert” Mark made it clear to him. But still he decides to sell his Trashly Fat Loss pills. Why? He wants to make money, because he doesn’t care about his customers or fans. His people who ruin the industry love him.

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