None of his student or any successful marketeer speak about him to endorse his work

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An internationally acclaimed speaker, author and college educator. Is College educator a more sophisticated word for a high school professor? This man is known internationally, seems like every man from the US is some kind of a freedom fighter, they have all been having rough lives and difficult pasts and here I was the one thinking that miseries only existed in my country but go to see there are more miserable people around in the world especially America. Sometimes I genuinely feel that America is a land fighting its battle within its states itself. Coming back to Mark Schaefer, has a degree in marketing and organizational development. He is said to be the most recognised person all over the world according to his bio, I wonder if his world is only America or what does he mean by the entire world? I am pretty sure if you are reading this right now you may be wondering who is this man and what is it that he does. Well, he is probably a teacher who was not earning much with only teaching and decided like every other person in America that he should start some kind of a consultancy service for the people. Mark is also said to be a very entertaining commentator, I tell you the things people do to earn a buck. Seems like life has been pretty hard despite his struggles. The number of things he has had to do until he was finally known by some people around him. He is said to be the best in giving people good marketing strategies, do you ever wonder how do these people always end up with their marketing strategies on a world-wide basis? This is a very good example to all the people around the world who think thathaving a degree is the best thing in the world. Well, this man here may or maynot teach us anything but surely did serve as a very good example to all the people. Having a degree in marketing did not do him very good and that is probably one of the reasons why he started to take up so many side businesse sat the same time. For the very fact that he was having to teach as a professor shows that he was not at his best, have your ever heard of any student or any successful marketeer speak about him? Sad isn’t it? Being a marketing graduate and miserably failed to market himself to the people. I mean even the people would be a big thing but at least some of his students should endorse the man for his good works  I feel! Life could be pretty hard having to be a speaker and tryto motivate the people around you when you need some kind of a motivator to motivate through the speech you have had prepared for the people you have been addressing. But, well, I guess having a marketing degree does not teach you this!

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