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Very unprofessional employees. And this was the worst experience ever.

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This review is for the service department. Visited 2-3 times about an equivalent concern. once I went 70-75 mph my car would begin to vibrate like it was running over rumble strips, and it made for stressful and difficult commutes. On the last visit they rotated and balanced my tires and suggested I buy new ones to ”possibly” solve the problem. These guys seemed confident in their suggestion though. They offered me 4 for $115 each. I took it to a neighbourhood tire shop, bought name brand tires for around $80 each. I asked the shop if what i want to be describing would be solved with new tires, they said come ”> to return back if it wasn’t solved but to also come after 50 miles to ascertain my tires were secure. I did, but the vibration wasn’t solved. therefore, the tire shop made a gathering on behalf of me. The screws were completely missing… it had been automatically noticeable to this mechanic. He didn’t have the screws so he used zip ties to secure rock bottom. He said that a Hyundai dealership would have definitely noticed this, would have the screws, and can have asked if you wanted it fixed… which i might have. The plastic base must be creating excess resistance and thus would begin to vibrate. rather than replacing the screws, a transparent broken a neighbourhood of my car, they wanted me to exchange my tires to urge a way bigger sale and include replacing the screws therein service. Either those mechanics knew and were trying to urge away with something or they’re just that bad at their job they didn’t notice what obviously needed fixed. I expected higher quality service from a store that deals strictly with Hyundai’s, ready to I will be able to be able to be taking my car elsewhere

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