Mathis brothers furniture

different discount to different people for same product ..Cheaters !!

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A furniture shop located in Oklahoma City. This shop is considered to be very reliable by many of the users of the service therein. They say that they greet, the treats and they provide even discounts but for me, I will say they greet because they know that you will spend. It feels like they understand from a curious face the curiosity to know and to Buy. Don’t know what the same is for sure but they mind-reading or face reading capability is best. They know how to cheat and how to extract money. They even change the price from person to person. I remember that day when I was out there looking for a bed for my newly shifted home. Came across an incident wherein the salesperson offered 2% discount to me and just after 5 minutes when I came there looking around I overheard her giving a 10% discount to the other one. Obviously, this was sure that she knew that I am in need and I will buy but this is not how people should be treated. Like a walking bank. Please at least think of those who can’t get to know your true intentions. Not everyone got better to pay for a daily basis and will fall prey to you. Think before you charge and don’t try to fool a customer because either today or tomorrow we will get to know about you and one such review like mine will be posted again. Not at all recommendable shop to get your furniture supplies. Even Heard from a few friends that the quality isn’t what it seemed to be and will have to be changed within less time than you thought it to be. Invest wisely and think before you choose a shop because furniture’s are obviously a one-time investment.

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