Matthew Pollard

he ripped off my hard-earned money

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Do you think it is ironic the way they have described Matthew Pollard sayingthat he is an internationally recognised author? I am sure he was not the one towrite the Macbeth. Thenwhy are people treating him like he is some modern-day Shakespeare? It seems that Matthew Pollard is also a speaker and holds thehighest numbers of certifications by the national speaker’s association, well, atleast we know that the guy has a certificate other than his birth certificate! It was seen that he is the CEO of a company named “rapid growth”, probably

the only growth they ever saw was in their name itself. Anyway, movingforward it was alsocome to be known that he helped to influence otherbusinessmen in their companies, he tried to help them get their stress away andhelped them in making much more clear and wiser decisions that helped in thegrowth of their companies. The first question that comes to my mind on readingthis, how is anyone even going to be a businessman if they do not know how toget rid of the stress themselves. Like, for the very fact you are having stress isbecause you have ended up putting yourself in such a situation where you experience that stress. MatthewPollard says that he helps, these kinds ofbusinessmen to get rid of the stress they have been experiencing. I wonder if heprovides some kind of massage therapy alongside his motivational ranting abouthis pasts. It was to my surprise that I read people all around the world have beeninfluenced by his works. Man must be good with the side massage therapies. Ifeel we should give it to him for this unique idea which does seem to work outfor him. So, the next time you intend to create an impact on the world why nottry conquering the world with free massages. Even later on reading about this man it was breath-taking as to how he was avictim of visual processing disorder, I am sure it takes a lot of buffer time whilehe is reading out a speech to the public. Out of my busy schedule, I created some time to visit Mr. Matthew Pollard. Of course, the author of the book that I had bought and read The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and shy can outsell anyone. I had not personally met the author, and the first assignment was to meet the author in personality and complain about the book.My journey bore fruit because I met Mr. Matthew Pollard. After lengthy discussions about the book, he did not give me a solution to my troubles. He instead offered me other books from his shelves to continue reading at a fee. I did not want to waste more cash in purchasing other books from the same author who has disappointed me in the first book. I left his office vowing to tell people the throw-away books he authors every time.I tried to imagine how the first book had given me a hard time and sleepless nights thinking of my few dollars spent in purchasing it. Mr. Matthew Pollard ripped off my hard-earned money, alongside many other victims who have fallen into his trap.


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