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The doctors are anything but professional

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My co-worker had gone to McKee Family Dentistry as with bleeding gums, he had very little time in hand to wait when all other dentists were full to give him an appointment. The doctors were anything but professional. It was past lunch time and there were three doctors who were having a leisurely lunch followed by long gossip sessions. My colleague was sitting outside in the sofa and could hear them discussing the lives of their patients which was very unprofessional. Not only were they discussing the health issues of the patients but they were discussing their personal lives as well. Which patient has married twice and who is a gold digger is none of their business at all. It was really sickening that he had to wait till they finished their gossipathon session. The doctors came from well to do families and were into socialising and playing golf in their free time. There was no fire in the belly to devote time to their service at all. These fellows clearly lacked seriousness. In fact, when they saw that my colleague waiting, they did not seem to rush up their chat session to attend to him but took their own sweet time. With very few patients at their disposal, these blood suckers love to make most of their patient’s hard earned money. What could have been solved by a simple process was magnified by them as to something very serious. My co -worker was suffering from bleeding gums and they sold him the idea of deep cleaning, root canal as well as braces. Imagine wearing braces at this age! This guy is a programmer and not going to act in the movies or something, so he really does not need the perfect teeth. He paid the bill which was uselessly very high and scampered out of that place, never to return back.

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