Meaningful beauty

I didn't see any improvement in my mom's skin after using the product

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A company providing skincare products which are of no use. They think by showing the world that they have some support of doctors they will get the customers to believe them and make their product sale increased. Worst thought ever because there are still many customers out there who don’t believe what they are shown. They know not everything advertised is true. They check reviews and conduct research like me.

Well I did that because my mom started using the products and according to her things went fine but when I looked it was totally different from what she said.

I noticed her wrinkles increased and so did the pimples on her face which in the last 10 years I never saw it there on her face. After a long time, mom realises what she was doing to her face and backed out. She stopped buying all such products and stared using Homemade techniques. Things went normal and so was her face. Her pimples got cleared and her face wrinkles got better. Her skin tightened up and now when I look at her I see my mom back. It was like she was gone

Whatever it maybe I personally recommend everyone out there to stop using the products of meaningful beauty whose product have neither any meaning not beauty provider thing. They need to understand that beauty is always meaningless because it’s natural. Hate the products and also hate the way they try to cheat the customers. Those customers because of whom their business exist there in the market and they make money from them. I really don’t know how can someone play with the body of a person in such a way by just offering them anything. Will you use if you get such products.? Well, I am sure you won’t and you won’t let your family use the same either.

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