Medi weight loss Steele Creek

A total waste of my money and time

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A company in Charlotte who helps people to lose weight. Well, they are nothing more than the providers of something which we should follow in our daily routine.

One thing for sure I have learnt being a part of this class and that is I got to do what I got to do. No one will force and neither did they. It was a complete waste of money here because the instructors were never on time and never ever tried to teach us something valuable to unique. Whatever we knew was being taught there and no control was kept over a person by means of any punishments or something. I know that we are not kids but still, a strict rule for keeping control over us might have been better.

Not only this, there is something for sure and that is when we want to do something we must have the willingness and none of such classes will be needed to help us or guide us. We will be able to everyone on our own. It’s important that we care about ourself and weight gain and loss is totally under our control and not any such class provider. They will give u details. It’s we who needs to follow and what will be the purpose of spending so much money when all they provide is things we know and some powders which when stopped will lead us to get back our lost weight.

Useless is what I call them. A total waste of my money and time/ all that I did there could have been done under my mom’s surveillance.

Don’t recommend them to anyone. Try out your luck yourself guys. It’s you who can make you get or lose weight. Wake up, run, diet, do whatever you feel like but don’t go to such fakers who claim to make you lose weight in a week

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