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My experience with Medical Arts Radiology was terrible. 

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My experience with Medical Arts Radiology was terrible.

I called Medical Arts Radiology for scheduling an appointment for X-ray and CT scan. They told that we don’t require an appointment for that and we can visit the office directly within the office hours and get my reports quickly. I went there with my husband there and found that people were already in the waiting area for their X-ray. I was surprised to witness the people in the queue and had to wait for nearly 30 minutes to get my turn for an x-ray.

I found the technician was very talkative as she keeps on asking various questions instead of doing her work. She made me nervous by asking and telling me facts about the illness I was suffering from, she was also not able to manage the machine she was working on. It even made me more worried about the accuracy of my reports. Once I was done with the x-ray, I had to go for a CT scan which was done quickly by the experienced technician. As I was done with both the tests, we went to reception to get the date of my return visit.

I reached the office on the said time to acquire my reports. But the staff on that day kept me waiting for the reports. I informed them that I had an appointment with my doctor and also had an office to go in 2 hours. They didn’t pay any heed to my words and just asked me to wait. Upon asking them what’s the matter and the reason for taking so much time for just handing me down the reports. A staff person told me that one of my reports is not in place. I got very disappointed and waited for nearly 30-40 minutes to get my reports. They apologize but it was no use as I have missed my appointment with my doctor. These people are careless in their profession and it is not accepted. I am not going there again for any tests.

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