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I would never ever recommend their services to even those in need

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I recently shifted to Henderson and had some issues as regard my temper and my work. I was new and had a lot of issues as regards the shifting, the new office adjustments and also the kids. Yes, the kids needed to be admitted to the school. Just so many tension altogether for a single mom is really hard to handle and it is harder when you get short-tempered on small things. Yes. This was what was happening with me and my office mates after swing me as such for so long started to complain. Lastly, my boss called me and asked to me visit this psychic centre. A group where they treat you without being called a treater. This is what he said and after so many considerations I thought might be this is right. Getting a lot of courage went to them and startled talking kinds of stuff on the very firsts day. With every visit, I noticed that the charge was increasing and finally came a poly when they stopped answering my calls. They even ignored my words when I reached their centre. Hell of a stupidity. I lastly decided to stop. Coz I was not mad but these people out there were definitely making me as so hated so much to accept that I trusted them and not myself. I was perfectly fine. It was just the tiredness of shift and nothing more and all of them started making me feel like shit. And the biggest mistake was of this healing centre, how can they just leave their patient out there.? Even after knowing I needed to be supported by telling me the truth that nothing was wrong with me, they ignored me. huh. Well, I would never ever recommend their services to even those in need. Hope to never see them again.

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