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shows how untrustworthy people can be

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Nothing is worse than a doctor asking you to get something treated when there is no real need for it. Doctors at Mercer Sydell Dental have a knack of doing such things at the cost of their own reputation. A few months ago, I saw a review on yelp that stated something of the same sort about them. It was distressing to see an elderly being tried to be fooled. She clearly stated that the dentist at the Mercer Sydell Dental asked her to get a root canal in one of her teeth and a filling in another. But she decided to go to another dentist that her husband visits. She decided not to mention anything about the fixtures mentioned by the Mercer Sydell dentist and to her shock, the dentist does not even ask her to get anything else done, other than routine care. On asking about the aforementioned teeth, the dentist said they should be watched but they were not in the condition where they require treatment. It is surprising that an organization that popular and dentists said to be that experienced would do such a thing in their full presence of mind. It just goes to show how untrustworthy people can be, even doctors.
Such incidents do nothing but make people distrustful of the profession and make then sceptical of everyone else. In the same page of the review, you can see a positive one which had been posted two years ago. Over time, the dental seems to have deteriorated in quality and intention to the point where dentists are making up treatments. I would not even want to go to such a place where I cannot be sure whether I can trust the dentists enough. I tried checking in about such incidents at the dental, but they simply refuse to speak about anything like that. It goes to show that they are simply letting go of such a serious matter, which is only encouraging such behaviours.

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