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Got only immense pain rather than relief after procdure

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My best friend had visited Merrimack Smiles as she had a lot about them. The dentist told her that one tooth had to be extracted and the other one could be salvaged. The extracted tooth was to be replaced with a brand new one and this one would last another 15 years at least. He was very happy to hear that and cleared a long bill with an advance for the new tooth. He was told that the payment would cover teeth cleaning, root canal and fixing a new bridge. The dentist and her assistant took the measurements for a new bridge as well. After he went through several sittings, all of which he was charged, one night he felt a terrible pain. When my friend called the doctor, he did not pick up his call. The next day the doctor number was picked up by the assistant who said that the doctor was busy. The assistance suggested a pain killer which my friend took. But the pain kept coming back and would only subside once the painkillers were taken. He fixed another appointment with the dentist who casually said on inspecting that he must have chewed something really hard and it got into the teeth. That was a bit weird because my friend was on semi liquids and semi soft food after having his tooth done newly. He got a bit suspicious and then decided to visit another dentist. This dental care unit was a small one and not so reputed but the doctor was an honest man. His charges were also reasonable. This dentist took an X- ray and kept quiet for some time. My friend insisted to know the truth. One dentist does not speak ill of another dentist generally so he guessed that this was the reason the old man was keeping quiet. On probing it was clear that the Merrimack Smiles had done a very bad job. The tooth that was to be extracted had not been taken out fully and parts of it was still inside the gum. As a result there was immense pain. My friend is deciding to file a suit against Merrimack Smiles for the agony he has faced.

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