Met Limo of Boston

always ensure the charges before you ride . hidden charges a lot

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Met limo of Boston provides varied services to its customer trying to be a part of every sector and that’s where they started to fail. Trader of many and master of none is what I call them in my normal terms.

Whether that may be limo rentals to the restaurants or to the airport or music spots or even Cambridge, these buys tried covering every area promising the users of service the best of what they can. But do satisfactions are achieved with promises.?

I didn’t receive the best of what I spent to hire their service and so in my language I would call them as cheats. Rides started good but definitely, the payment issues arose and I was asked to pay extra just because there was some issue the Limo. Well, this should have been mentioned beforehand. We just know that we are paying for a ride but had no idea that we also paying for fake issues which were created.

The Limo was already defaulted said the person who was made quiet within seconds and I wasn’t even allowed to ask anything and was held out of this.

All I realised after this was that I should have got some local transport instead of hiring to get me to Cambridge. But I was definitely new to the place and had no idea what actually I was dealing with. Seems like immigrated people face more issues with them.

This is how they cheated me and after few days when I had friends and we sat there discussing we got to know that man, this is their policy to extract money and many of my friends have been a victim to same.

I made a complaint but never received a proper response from their end and was just ignored. Well, this isn’t a better service for sure.

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