Michael C. Glafkides

He deserves to be boycotted

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WARNING! Dr. Glafkides is a man who should be banned from this wonderful world of treatment and doctors. Doctors are meant to be respected, to be looked upon for help and advice and treatment too, but not Michael C. Glafkides – he is a monster under the skin of a human. He is supposedly a ‘Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon’ who has a degree from Stanford University, Harvard Medical School and from ST. Francis Memorial Hospital. Such a person who is interested in the psychology of people, especially women, is expected to be a warm, polite and an extremely well trained doctor. However, the way he has treated my sister has enraged me to this point of putting my anger into words!

She was suffering from low self-esteem due to her physical appearance and had wished to get a plastic surgery done to revive the lost youth. To get this surgery done, she relied on the words of a friend who suggested that she visit Dr. Michael C. Glafkides for getting counselled properly and also to know what kind of alterations must be suitable for her body. On reaching the clinic, she was met with a cold welcome by the staff, who were not keeping any written proof of the appointment scheduled. The doctor, in the name of `examination`, kept on touching her at inappropriate places of her body repeatedly, making her feel as uncomfortable as one can even imagine. This act went on to such a point that she was ultimately forced to kind of rush out of the room to get a relief!

She has always been careful about such ill-mannered people, and yet she was the one who had to face such an assault from a DOCTOR! He deserves to be boycotted, immediately!

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