Michael F. Iseman, Pediatric Dentist

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Healthy habits start at home and not from a dental clinic. We must always try to avoid as much as we can the doctors and their clinic and unless this seems to be most important, we should stay away from doctors. Its reason is not only the money but also that every time we get our body parts under the under such huge machines, the same gets weaker and weaker with time.

Wichita Pediatric Dentistry offers its customer varies services and starts asking a parent to visit them from early childhood. Man, are you guys for real.? From a very early age when our teeth are not even that strong, you are asking us to visit you and get the same tested. Why do we even need to go to a dentist when from an early age we can keep the things we eat under control and we can manage to have such things which are not harmful to our teeth. Let’s just take this on a serious note and ignore any such dentistry or dental services unless we feel the need for same.

These guys offer the public with the cleaning of teeth or taking radiographs of the same digitally or some photographs of intraoral, restoring tooth colours by using I don’t know what, providing relaxation to the teeth by using something called nitrous oxide. All these high medical words which a general person won’t understand will fall prey like me. Yes, I spent 20$ on such services a month back and what I found today is some weekend teeth which makes me feel like problems while I chew my food. I mostly prefer liquid food and try using whatever paste or liquid they gave. This is one new expense for me every month and I am trying to stop this addiction. I hope you people to think before what you get.


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