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employees are confused and unaware what they can do

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According to the survey that was conducted it seemed to be that they are the best ARCHITECT in the city, so why not try them? Have you ever felt that things? were better the way they were or the way you assumed them to be before you could even try them out? Well, it is more or less the same thing in this case too! Just because it was said and agreed by many people that they are the best in the city that is why I decided that I would try them out for the restructuring duties of my premises, because who wouldn’t want a little bit of an extra help in carrying out the daily and sanitary chores in the surroundings. I am sure everyone likes to have a clean and live-able place to hang around in. So, when I decided to call them for the restructuring process of the premises and when I did that I was pretty much sure that they would do a good and satisfying job. But that was pretty much not the case here! When they arrived, the employees were very shabbily dressed and it seemed like we needed to contact the sanitary department for their cleanliness first and how someone so dirty carry out the cleaning and restructuring process of your premises, when they could not care much about themselves. I am sure it is a questionable action when they talk about providing the best architectural services in the city and on the other hands they do not even follow their own, I mean, forget own they are not even willing to follow basic sanitary protocols. Like every normal person would do I decided to let of the same considering they are hardworking employees and it would not be right accusing them for the same. So, I decided to let them start their work and when they almost went to start their work it seemed like neither of them knew about what they were actually supposed to be doing there. It was like students that were appearing for a surprise test. They looked extremely confused and when I approached them and tried to find out what the matter was with them and why were they unable to start. They seemed to be in a kind of a hurry because they had to get to another place to finish that job without even starting the work at my premises they were already talking about going to another place to work which was very unethical and disrespectful, when I asked them why was that? They were like because the money there is more than the money that they would be getting here. I mean I surely agree that business is very important but don’t you think it is important to make sure that your client that you are doing business with and have promised a particular service are satisfied with the work? Well, I do not even know about being satisfied because they hardly even started any work in the first place!

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