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they need just fees and again fees and then nothing happens

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they seemed to have been into a business of providing loans for homes and I was in urgent need at that point of time. I went to their office and asked about everything that might be needed to get my loan approved. They treated me very properly and asked me to get all the document which was relevant like my bank details, etc. I was happy that this was going to be my one stop for all time need finally. But who knew that they will cheat me. For getting my loan approved they asked me to pay a bit. I was okay with same as I was getting such a huge sum but I never thought that after getting the money they will start Ignoring me and treating me like they never ever saw my face. Surprising I stood there being thrown out of their office because I was arguing with the receptionist that how can they back out from their own words. She got no answers for the same and I hated why I even come to this place. Just a money sucker who will take Money for approval and will never return back the same and will neither approve your loan. They will make you visit themselves again and again and you will have to because you get stuck there with a belief that they will help you for sure.

Hated being a part of their conversation and now I will just suggest everyone out there to think before they trust Anyone and especially these people. There have also been some complaints as regard charging the double amount. Yes, they charged the customer with double saying they never paid. Masterminds are they for sure and will make you waste your time and effort for which you will get nothing more than the frustrated head.

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