Avoid ,If you want to save your sanity and dignity

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My sister went to this place after hearing a lot of praise about their lead doctor Scott Gore. But she had a really nasty experience at this Dental Center. Dr. Scott Gore is one of the few surgeons in the whole of United States, licensed to practice IV Sedation. She had an accident and needed to fix her left cheek which had a very bad gash and she also lost a few teeth. He suggested operating on her with IV sedation to ease her pain. But she was scared from the very beginning. The doctor did not give her any assurance about the success of her surgery. He quickly arranged the documents and rushed her to the operating room. She was not comforted well and the doctor’s words scared her even more. Her face did not improve at all. Instead the doctor’s negligence and hastiness left her with a permanent scar. And because of the IV sedation she felt numbness in her whole face for about a week. It was either not administered properly or had a reaction in her body. The doctor should have been more careful and checked her records. Rather than rushing with the surgery, he should have given her more time to decide.
Another of my friend was harassed by a perverted doctor in this place. To get her regular dental checkup, she went to the dental center. The doctor who performed her checkup kept touching her thighs and leaning in close to her at an uncomfortable level. He even suggested casually that she had an impeccable smile and should meet up with him later at his place. Just imagine the audacity!!! She told the doctor that she was uncomfortable but he paid no heed to her words. He kept staring and making inappropriate gestures at her. If you want to save your sanity and dignity, do not ever visit this place.

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