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scammed of $2000 by them

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Well in life I had many bad experiences but for sure I never had one such where I was fooled so badly. I was asked for my credit card number saying that there is some issue with same and finally as I entered it, just a ping on my phone and I was charged for $2000.

All I could do was sit and regret my decisions and try to reach out to military issue. Their phone went unreachable and the emails failed. I even try connecting them online but none of it was worth. I even raised a police Complaint and made sure they suffer but who knew what exactly was being done with my card. I was truly such a fool to trust such fakers and make my life a living hell. Even after a lot of try by the police nothing was working and they couldn’t even track the exact location of where these frauds used the credit card from. No information nothing. How was the same possible I don’t know and I don’t even understand for sure? All I know is that I was cheated and I want to kill every single person involved with this case right now. all I need is their location.

After facing so much I tried to check their website and found some negative reviews. I wish I checked them before and took use of the information present there. The same would have stopped me from committing such a blunderous mistake.

To all the people out there a piece of advice, don’t trust this site and also don’t trust any such person who asks you your card details or any details which will make you face such huge loss-making scenarios. Avoid, ignore and try to be safe because today I was fooled and tomorrow you can be out there one.

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